Welcome scoopers!

Welcome scoopers!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Benefits of Beef Liver

I know, I know... the thought of eating liver grosses out a lot of people. But you know what... it's really not bad! And the more I've eaten it, the more I've gotten used to it. Now, it just tastes like a chewy steak. Just cook it with a lot of onions, and use a lot of ketchup.. the health benefits of this super-super food are amazing. 

1. Treats Anemia 

Beef Liver is packed full of B12, Vitamin A, Folate, Iron, Selenium, and many other nutrients to help us feel our best. If you suffer from any type of anemia beef liver, in my opinion, is the absolute best source of all of the nutrients needed for healthy red blood cells. 

2. Brain and Liver Health

Liver is full of Choline, a micro-nutrient VITAL for healthy brain and liver function. So yes, eating liver helps your own liver, and can help you think more clearly!! It speeds up detoxification, giving you more energy. A choline deficiency is known to contribute to dementia and other memory related problems.. so you can see how important it is! 

3. Metabolism Support

Beef liver is full of copper which, along with the other nutrients, can help support a healthy metabolism. The older you get, the more important it is to keep these types of foods in your diet to keep your body functioning optimally.

How often should you eat Beef Liver?

I try to eat a small serving of liver twice a week.  DO NOT eat it more than that, as it is SO NUTRIENT DENSE...you could overload your body with TOO MANY nutrients! ;) 

Beef Liver is my "hidden secret" to feeling great and looking young.... 

You can buy grass-fed beef liver at WHOLE FOODS for just about $3.00 for two steaks. So go get some today and let me know how it helps you! Don't forget to LIKE my Facebook page!

Happy Gluten-Free Week!