Welcome scoopers!

Welcome scoopers!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Mal de Debarqument Syndrome

Mal de ...what? That's what I thought when I first heard about this. I had just gotten home from my trip to New York. Unfortunately I got sick the last 2 days I was there, and had a very bad cold / earache on the plane coming back.  When I got home, it felt like I was still walking on the plane, or more like on a boat. I figured I had an ear infection and it would go away on its own. 3 weeks later,  long after my cold was gone, the sensation was still there. I thought I was going to have to live my life "on the boat." It was awful. I got terrified after joining the MdDS Yahoo support group and reading stories like, "Well, I'm now going on my 4th year of living on the boat..." ...YIKES! This was NO way to live. And I knew I had to find a solution...and fast! 
Here's the letter I wrote to the MdDS support group explaining how I am getting off the boat, and I hope everyone out there experiencing this will not give up!

Dear MdDS Support group:

I just joined this group a few weeks ago, because after my trip to New York and back to CA, I had been experiencing this very debilitating condition. I am someone who doesn't accept the answer that I now have a "disorder" and I just have to deal with it. I believe there is a cause to everything and that if I was feeling normal just one month ago, I can get back to feeling normal again! Well, thankfully, today, I can honestly say I am about 80% better. I believe the things I've experimented with and learned about myself  have helped me to help myself overcome this. And I believe I'll be 100% better soon :)

Here's what's helped me, and may help you:
1) Getting OFF any sleeping meds / herbs. I was taking VALERIAN ROOT for sleep during my trip, which is like an "herbal benzodiazapine." I believe this made it MUCH worse. I got off that, and immediately felt better.
2) Staying away from Gluten / Soy. I have already been Gluten-Free for over 4 years now, and many of you may need to look into Gluten-Intolerance or Celiac Disease. Both of these cause a number of side effects... one being a "disoriented feeling," which is also associated with MDDS. A lot of people don't realize that there is a strong GUT - BRAIN connection. What you eat effects what's going on in your brain, and when you cannot fully digest a food (such as wheat or soy, like me) you will experience different problems, such as those associated with Mdds. For about 2 days I felt completely OVER Mdds...and was fed a cookie that had soy oil in it. I IMMEDIATELY felt the "swaying" sensation again, it was weird. So... NO SOY and NO GLUTEN for me. They are both GMOs!! (Genetically Modified Organisms) and I do not digest them properly. Most likely, you do not digest them properly either!!
3) Staying away from Citrus Fruits, and anything with Citric Acid. Since I have GI issues, citrus irritates the lining of my intestines, and causes these symptoms as well. I realized it helped after reading THIS on another MdDS support group page:

" It took me time, but i found my cause... it is a food allergy that caused inner ear blockages.. and the food allergy is in forms that can be found in lots of thing. Mine is a citrus and citric acid allergy. I also have it come back when i have too much dairy. 
..pay attention to EVERYTHING around you and everything you eat or drink. keep a journal and maybe you can either find something related to your spells, or rule out things."

*** I agree with this woman... WRITE things down!! FIND OUT what your issue is. This IS curable. Do not take NO for an answer :0)

4) I also believe that supplementing with B Vitamins has helped tremendously. I use the GNC Brand.
5) I also had 2 sessions of acupunture. I do think this helped to some degree, but was probably not the "cure" for it. Staying away from certain foods has made the biggest difference.
6) I have read that some people have been "cured" of MdDS by taking Vitamin D supplements. Vitamin D deficiency is a HUGE problem in today's world. In my opinion EVERYONE should supplement with about 1000 IU of D, daily! I also feel strongly that EVERYONE should have a nutrient test done to detect any deficiencies going on.

Good luck and I hope you all get "back on the land" soon :) Any questions, send them my way!
♥ Christie