Welcome scoopers!

Welcome scoopers!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Gluten-Free Dining

Last week I had the privilege of going to a concert of one of my all-time favorite bands with my Gluten-Free friend, Nina. The weekend before I had been at my brother's wedding, and even though I had pre-ordered a Gluten-Free meal....I ended up having severe reaction to what they brought me. Later on the chef came out and apologized, as they had "accidentally" put flour into my chicken dinner.

I told Nina about this experience, and that I was a little hesitant about eating out again...and she said..."Don't worry...I know how to order Gluten-Free." You see, Nina is deathly allergic to gluten. I am severely gluten-intolerant / Celiac, so my belly will bloat up, and I'll feel very woozy and tired. Nina, on the other hand, will go into anaphylactic shock...which is extremely serious and life-threatening. Either way, we both needed a gluten-free meal, and we didn't want anything ruining our night with the Goo Goo Dolls ;-) 

We got to the Casino restaurant, and Nina immediately let the waitress know the seriousness of our Gluten-Intolerance. She told her what to write down on the tab, told her to have the cook check the spices for gluten, and let her know what would happen if she got glutened. "I don't want to end up at St. Agnes Hospital later, got it?" :) Because Nina was so bold about everything, it already eased by anxiety about eating out again. 

So from that point on, we enjoyed Gluten-Free Colossal Shrimp (amazing!!), Gluten-Free Fajitas, Gluten-Free Creme Brulee, and Ice Cream Sundaes. I kept on checking my belly for a little sign of bloating...and even after all of that food....NOTHING! It was AMAZING. 

I learned an important lesson from Nina tonight. BE BOLD! BE BLUNT! Let them know how serious your condition is, and that even ONE bite of gluten can ruin your night. Even in restaurants where there is a "gluten-free menu" ask questions...make sure they are cooking it on a clean surface....that the chef understands what gluten is...and even when they bring it out to you, confirm with them that it is gluten-free. When I was at my brother's wedding, I had a funny feeling when they brought out my food, that it wasn't right. I should have gone with my "gut instinct." ;-) Next time, I'll make SURE they cook it correctly.

It is always a little bit of a risk eating out gluten-free, but over time you will find the restaurants you can TRUST that are serving you safe, GF meals. For me, it's BJ's Brewhouse, Wendy's, and In-N-Out Burger.  And after getting our tab at Table Mountain Casino the other night, I was assured that this was also a place I could trust would take my gluten intolerance very seriously. Thank you Table Mountain, and thank you to my gluten-free friend Nina! 

THIS is how you order Gluten-Free ;) 
Here is a list of restaurants that have "Gluten-Free" Menus. Which ones work for you? Share with me...:) 
And Happy Gluten-Free Dining!

♥ Christie 

Enjoying the concert Gluten-Free!