Welcome scoopers!

Welcome scoopers!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Importance of FISH in a Gluten-Free Diet

Happy Tuesday Celiac Scoopers...

Today I want to stress the importance of FISH in a Gluten-Free diet, why we should all be eating fish 2-3x per week!

I was a little apprehensive about celebrating my 30th b-day over the weekend....and so of course, being the health nut I am, spent a couple of hours googling "anti-aging" diets. I was not at all surprised to see that the #1 thing for most of these diets was, yep, you guessed it: FISH!

I'm not someone who LOVES fish. I have always known how good it is for us, and I have bags full of shrimp sitting in my freezer, because I know I SHOULD eat it...but hardly ever do!! I would say my average fish consumption has been about 2x a month.... which is horrible! I need to change that, and perhaps you do to! Here's why:

Benefits of eating fish 2-3x per week:

*Omega-3 fats are extremely important for normal growth of the blood vessels and nerves, as well as keeping skin youthful and supple. And who wouldn't like to feel a little better and be a little more youthful looking?! :) 
*Fish is a VALUABLE source of protein! Just a 1/4 can of salmon contains 21 grams of protein! WOW!
*Fish is a natural ANTI-INFLAMMATORY! (I've told you about how I've always had this "curse" of waking up with a swollen face every day for pretty much my entire life... well after two days in a row of some good ol' grilled Salmon, my mom even commented on how much "less swollen" I looked when I woke up today! Gee, maybe we're finally on to something here?) =) 
*Eating fish may reduce your risk of DIABETES!Why? I just read this todayinflammatory chemicals may interfere with the work of insulin, causing blood sugar to rise. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that population studies show that fish lovers have unusually low rates of Type 2 diabetes (Readers Digest, 5 reasons to eat fish). 
Dana Reed, a Certified Nutrition Specialist, says :"Fish [is an] excellent source of protein, vitamin B, vitamin D, trace minerals, and essential omega 3 fatty acids, which are lacking in most diets."
***(This is an important reason I would recommend eating actual FISH, not just taking Omega 3 supplements, or you are MISSING OUT on too many other important nutrients). 
My dad's delicious bbq'ed salmon
So, chances are, like me, you ARE de-FISH-ent in FISH! I want everyone to join me in a challenge to start eating fish 2-3x per week, and lets see how it changes our mood, our energy level, and overall well-being. I wouldn't be surprised if by eating a little more fish, we all shed a few pounds in the process, too! You might even start to like fish a lot more than you thought you did, because you'll notice how much better you look and feel!

If you have any suggestions on cookin' fish, send them my way!

Hope you have a FISHY Gluten-Free Day :)

♥ Christie