Welcome scoopers!

Welcome scoopers!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Why Saying NO is Saying YES!

We all have the freedom to say YES or NO to many different things each day.... Unfortunately, we don't get to choose the consequences, which is why it's important to make the RIGHT choices!

In living a gluten-free lifestyle, I've found that it's very important to say NO to certain things: 
Well, duh. That's a no-brainer. But how many of us follow that 100%? How many of us avoid gluten like it's the plague!? If we don't, we should. Educate yourself on the hidden sources of Gluten, and JUST SAY NO to ALL of them! Whenever I've been accidently glutened, it's literally RUINED the next two days! And so, I was forced to say NO to going out, NO feeling well, and NO to really LIVING that day. 
That's why saying NO to Gluten = Saying YES to Life! 

Here's the BEST resource in learning about hidden sources of gluten so you can say YES to feeling good, every day!  

Just say NO to extra sugar intake. Why? Many of us (without knowing it) are probably still dealing with CANDIDA yeast overgrowth. Candida LOVES sugar.... the more you eat, the worse the yeast problem will get. So, saying YES to sugar = saying YES to Candida and YES to weight gain. : / 
And who wants that? NOT ME.
Saying NO to excess sugar = saying YES to more energy, weight loss and feeling good!!

This is easier said than done. I have been a sugar addict for a long time, and especially since going Gluten-Free. I find that because I do not eat as many carbs in my diet as I used to, I crave them all the time. So....what should I do when this happens?

In psychology we learn that to decrease a behavior or habit we want to get rid of
 (eating too much sugar), 
we should INCREASE an opposite behavior. 
So....to me, the opposite of sugary foods = veggies!

The more we say YES to veggies, the more we will automatically say NO to too much sugar. 

Give it a try! STOCK UP on good veggies, and when you're craving a sugary snack, instead grab some celery, and put a little protein packed peanut butter on it. You'll feel better....and automatically be less interested in eating that entire box of sweets ;). 
You might even lose those few pounds you're STILL waiting to get rid of. 
(Not that I would know ANYTHING about that ;-) 

Some other things I'm working on saying YES to more are: 

Waking up earlier and enjoying the SUN! 
Taking more walks
Lifting more weights
Eating More Lean Protein 
Cooking my own meals
Trying out new recipes 
Reading more good books
Having more nights out with friends
Thinking more positively 

What about YOU? What's on your YES list? I'd love to hear!

And remember, saying NO is sometimes a GOOD THING! :) 
It means saying YES to something better!

Cheers to a happy and healthy Gluten-Free Week

♥ Christie