Welcome scoopers!

Welcome scoopers!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sea Salt vs. Table Salt.... which is best?

 Approx. 60% of the body is water...... SALT water. So what kind of salt we use is very important to our well-being. Lately, I have been reading up on the benefits of PURE, UN-IODIZED SEA SALT... and have switched over to this kind of salt. I LOVE IT! Here's why I suggest using sea salt instead of table salt.

*While sodium and chlorine are the only minerals contained in table salt, SEA SALT has other minerals such as IRON, SULFUR, and MAGNESIUM. The various minerals present in sea salt helps us to maintain a healthy balance of electrolytes in the body.

*Because of its complex beneficial minerals and bio-electronic power, it offers countless health benefits. SEA SALT balances alkalinity/acidity levels, restores good digestion, and relieves allergies and skin diseases.

*Although SEA SALT is not a good source of IODINE (unless it is "Iodized Sea Salt") that is OK! It's actually one of the reasons I like this salt so much. Excess Iodine can aggravate certain autoimmune problems. So an excess of Iodine... which is more likely to occur with table salt... means more problems for those dealing with Celiac Disease, Thyoid Problems, Diabetes, and others. My suggestion is to only use UN-IODIZED SEA SALT....then make sure to eat fish once a week. This should supply plenty of Iodine for a healthy diet... without over-doing it.

*Sea Salt is a strong antihistamine! It will help clear out mucus and phlegm.

*Sea Salt is a natural hypnotic... it will help you fall into a deep, natural sleep.

So, as you can see.... SEA SALT is a great addition to any diet. Just make sure that you purchase a QUALITY BRAND of sea salt... that has not been stripped of nutrients. And again, if you are eating UN-IODIZED Sea Salt... make sure you are getting enough IODINE in your diet through other sources. (Fish is my favorite source!) This will help you prevent getting a goiter.

 What are YOUR thoughts? I'd love to hear them!