Welcome scoopers!

Welcome scoopers!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Trying to Lose Weight? READ THIS---->

I'm NOT a dietitian, but a lot of people have been asking me for advice on how to loose weight. This is a letter I wrote to someone today, which might help others of you out there trying to loose some pounds, while dealing with a GF diet too! Read on....

In people with Celiac, vegetables are not only important, but they are
CRUCIAL to the healing process, to losing weight, and feeling good.
Most of the foods we like to consume (dairy, fruits, meat..) are all
very ACIDIC. The more acidic your body is, the less healthy it is.
Vegetables (especially colorful ones) are very ALKALINE. The more
ALKALINE your body is, the higher the oxygen content that is flowing
through your bloodstream, and your body will heal faster and help you
lose weight faster. We were all born to be lean, healthy, individuals
with the capacity to live long healthy lives. The foods we eat are
crucial to that, and it is up to as to have the best ACID/ALKALINE
balance in our bodies.

What I would suggest for you to start, is
first go to the grocery store and RE-STOCK and your kitchen with some
healthy vegetables. Almost every day I fry up some veggies on the stove
(with a touch of butter, olive oil, onion powder, and salt/pepper) and
it's delicious. Here are the veggies I eat:
Green Peppers
Red Peppers
Yellow Peppers
Orange Peppers
Yellow and Green Zucchini

This combination is delicious and very good for you. Make sure when choosing
veggies to go with COLORFUL ones. Each color of veggie has different
vitamins in it... which are very important in Celiac. When we get the
vitamins we need, we feel better, and loose weight faster.

Here are some samples of meal plans. Also remember that if you're someone
who gets hungry thru the day (like me) I eat smaller portions every 2-3
hours or so. You might loose wieght more easily if you eat 5 small
meals a day, rather that 3 bigger ones.

Breafast - Noon:
Eggs - (I eat egg whites DAILY... best source of protien)
Gluten-free Granola (my favorite is the ENJOY LIFE BRAND--it's high in Fiber and B1)(cut out bacon consumption---it's full of saturated fat)

(this might sound funny, but I eat green peppers like Apples during the
day....they are very healthy and you will feel more energy)
Plain carrots
A bowl of healthy chilli (Wendy's chill actually isn't so bad for you! Make sure to eat onions with it...they are good for you)
or - A Baked Potato with chives
or - A Yam (if you have time to cook) eat it just like a baked potato... they are delicious with a little salt and butter
or -Plain, steamed rice with my veggie recipe over it (this is my favorite)

Eat as many veggies as you want for dinner.
LEAN MEAT (such as chicken or FISH)
Slice of Gluten-free bread
glass of hot-chocolate at night (made with Milk) is a good way to
ensure a good night's sleep. Just dont' drink it too close to bed, or
you'll be up!

foods (including processed meats/cheeses) are NOT good for you. Try as
much as you can to eat NATURAL foods. It takes more time, I know, to
cook everything... but it's so much better for you. Sometimes I just
cook 3 or 4 chicken breasts then refrigerate them to use later with
sandwiches, etc.
***As much as possible, DON'T microwave your
food. It kills the digestive enzymes needed to help your body absorb
food. If you microwave too much, you can end up more deficient in
vitamins, and still hungry. You don't necessarily HAVE to take
digestive enzymes. They have helped me, but they might not help
everyone. I take one before each meal, which keeps me "regular" and I
notice I don't feel as hungry all day.
***Try and STOP drinking soda
completely. Try to drink more water through the day. Just sipping a
little water all day long is very healthy for you, and helps you absorb
it better. Celiacs often don't absorb water as well as most people do
because of the B-vitamin deficiencies).
***It's OK to indulge a
little. If you deprive yourself too much, you will end up binging and
gain the weight back. Even though I eat well and eat lots of veggies...
I am a chocoholic. So I save about 300 calories a day for chocolate. I
would say, let 300-400 calories a day be exactly what you want, and
what you're really craving... but NO MORE than that. It will help you
stay motivated if you have a little of what you want every day. Like I
said, for me, it's chocolate, for you it might be something else!
sure you're eating completely Gluten-FREE. You could be getting some
hidden sources of gluten, that's whats causing your tummy aches. All
Gluten-free grains you eat should be high in Fiber... that's why I
recommended the ENJOY LIFE brand granola...also the
Kinnikinnik brand breads are great... eaten in moderation.

I'm NOT a dietitian, So please remember that. I'm just giving you some info
that I have used to help my own self recover from Celiac and it's also
helped me to stay fit.I am happy to help you, as you continue to
try and lose weight. Please let me know of your progress and if you
have any other questions or need more help, I am here to give Advice!

I hope this helps you get started. I look forward to hearing from you again soon!